Surgitech Ortho India

Our Vision

Our mission is to offer every patient in the world premium quality products at fair pricing. To increase the comfort level of surgeons, we constantly concentrate on implants and equipment. We create a single programme to accomplish our goal.

Our Values

Gray matter and innovations are key components of our success. Always. This mindset guides both our search for fresh solutions and the way we venture down new lanes: we are clever, well-informed, and inventive. whether it be in marketing, sales, administration, or in development, production, or logistics. This is constantly supported by our determination to push ourselves to the maximum.


We take pride in delivering high-quality goods and services that we believe in since doing so ensures customer satisfaction, financial viability, the future of our employees, and our expansion.


Integrity entails being trustworthy and sincere in all spheres of life, including our professional careers and personal relationships.


This consistent focus on innovations has created a comprehensive portfolio of Surgitech Ortho India intended to improve patient care.

What We Offer?

Our Products

Clavicle Plating

BCP Proximal Humerus Proton Plate

Interlocking Nails

Elbow Plating System

Distal Radius Plating System

Spinal implants for optimal mobility

Spine Products

Classic Spinal Screw

The CSS System provides simple, reliable and comprehensive stabilization solutions for spinal Fixation. These innovations enable surgeons to work efficiently with surety.

The pedicle screws provide a full 42° multi-axial range of motion that, in conjunction with their uniquely tapered heads, are more accommodating to variables in patient anatomy/pathology. This simplify screw placement and reduces the need for rod bending.

Spinal Cage

The lumbar Onyx and Triton Titanium Implant ® is indicated for lumbar interbody fusion for the following indications: